Interview with 16 year-old hacker and maker Sean Goff

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Interview with 16 year-old hacker and maker Sean Goff

At the age of 9 Sean D. Goff was admitted to the advanced electronics workshop at "Jugend Elektronik- und Technikzentrum Regio Basel JETZ" as the youngest participant ever. With his project "The Freezer" (a fast ice maker using a Peltier element) 2012 he won the Gold Juniors Award and the Community Award of bugnplay, a Swiss media and robotic contest. With his robot "TurboTwist" he won in 2013 the highly endowed first prize of the Swiss Twistygame Awards. In the same year he was regocnized with the Coup de Coeur Award for "The Evil" (a computer/joystick/smartphone controlled firework launcher).

Sean Dylan Goff is Honorary member and also the youngest member of the Swiss Mechatronic Art SocietySMAS.

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