Edial Dekker "Trusted networks and the rise of the micro-entrepreneur"

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Edial Dekker "Trusted networks and the rise of the micro-entrepreneur"

We're in a world where exponential change is the new normal. Old economic structures are being challenged by newer ones and networked technologies are changing the way we can distribute resources. For a world with so limited resources, it's amazing how much idle-capacity we have at the moment. This does not only apply to natural resources such as minerals and forests, but also applies to human resources, such as knowledge, skills, and tangible resources such as tools and equipment. In his presentation, Edial Dekker dives deeper in the role of social layers connected to the 'social object' of distributed resources and the effects that it has on the network. The talk will touch the concept of a trusted network, the rise of the micro-entrepreneur and why it challenges us to rethink the way corporations and organizations are structured.

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