Marcel Salathé - Creating a European Culture of Innovation

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Marcel Salathé - Creating a European Culture of Innovation

Marcel is a digital epidemiologist working at the interface of population biology, computational sciences, and the social sciences. He obtained his PhD at ETH Zurich and spent two years as a postdoc in Stanford before joining the faculty at Penn State in 2010. In 2014, he spent half a year at Stanford as visiting assistant professor. In the summer of 2015, Marcel became an Associate Professor at EPFL where he heads the Digital Epidemiology Lab at the new Campus Biotech.

He has published papers in a variety of fields and recently wrote a book called "Nature, in Code". He led the development of the MOOC “Epidemics - The Dynamics of Infectious Disease”, a popular large-scale online course and co-founded PlantVillage, a knowledge exchange platform for growers of all kinds of plants. He also is deputy editor of PLOS Computational Biology.

Marcel has spend a few years in the tech industry as a web app developer. He was part of the renowned Y Combinator startup accelerator’s class of 2014.

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