Bill Liao - The Man Behind Ireland’s Synthetic Biology Accelerator

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Bill Liao - The Man Behind Ireland’s Synthetic Biology Accelerator

Australian entrepreneur, venture capital investor, author and speaker with an extensive record in the areas of business, development and community activism, Bill Liao acts as European venture partner for SOSventures, a $200m international investment that backs, among others, health and biotech related startups such as Synbiota or Restored Hearing.

Bill was the first outside investor in Xing, the co-founder of the code-for-kids community CoderDojo and founded of Weforest, a large-scale reforestation initiative. This summer, he ran Indie Bio, the first synthetic biology startup accelerator program in Cork, Ireland.

At Lift Basel, Bill will tell us about the disruption he expects to happen when new kinds of data-drive startups enter the space previously reserved for “big pharma”, about his controversial ideas and the bold bets he makes in the synthetic biology space — by investing, mentoring and accelerating.

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