Joel Serra - the Sharing Economy Backlash session

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Joel Serra - the Sharing Economy Backlash session

After 8 years in a suit and tie as an economist and strategy consultant in Australia, Joel bought himself a big knife and moved to Barcelona, to start a cooking school. Now he’s changing the way people travel and eat, running EatWith in Spain - a rapidly growing “Airbnb for eating” that brings together private hosts who love to cook with travelers longing for authentic local cuisine, a peek into the pots and a seat at the table in a cosy home instead of some tourist trap eatery.

But as always with cooking and eating, things can go wrong and guests can be picky - tastes, attitudes towards food and sharing the family table, expectations and food culture are different everywhere, cuisine being such a central component of every culture. So do quality control and authenticity go together well? And what’s the recipe for enabling food sharing on a global scale?

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