etoy.CORPORATION - twisting capitalism & technology since 1994

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etoy.CORPORATION - twisting capitalism & technology since 1994

etoy.CORPORATION SA is a corporate sculpture and a shareholder company registered in the city of Zug/Switzerland, using corporate structures to maximize cultural values. Since 1994 etoy is hacking the dominating model of the individual artist: the concept of the independent star and glorified genius is replaced by an abstract trademark - etoy. Legendary for its «digital hijack» (1,5 million search engine users
kidnapped in 1996), etoy also coordinated «TOYWAR», a milestone in hacktivism, bringing down a multi-billion dotcom operation and thus creating the most expensive performance in art history. A pioneer in container architecture inspired by the Internet's paket system etoy currently invests all resources in MISSION ETERNITY – a digital cult of the dead and a long term data archive focusing on pioneers of the information age.

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