Neil Goldsmith - Making Products with Synthetic Biology

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Neil Goldsmith - Making Products with Synthetic Biology

Neil Goldsmith heads the Basel-based biotech innovator Evolva, a 21st century brewer developing/producing next-generation health, wellness, and nutrition ingredients from fermentation. Why fermentation? Because nature contains a wealth of ingredients that can benefit humanity. But, many of them cannot be economically, ethically, or sustainably sourced, which limits their broader use. The only real work-around has been to source “synthetic” versions of these ingredients, mostly from petrochemicals. Evolva and bioprocessing are changing this paradigm. They transfer the genetic blueprint of high-demand ingredients into baker’s yeast, and grow it in a fermenter, exactly as if they were brewing beer. Instead of producing ethanol, their yeast produces high-value ingredients like resveratrol, vanillin, stevia, nootkatone, and saffron. This platform could be the factory of the future for our medicines, fragrances, even our blue jeans.

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