Henry Stewart - The “Happy Manifesto”: Creating Great Places to Work

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Henry Stewart - The “Happy Manifesto”: Creating Great Places to Work

Founder and director of Happy.co.uk, the happiest company in the world.

The borders of work communities no longer match those of firms. Office spaces tend to shrink while new, hybrid “third places” and coworking places emerge. For many, the phone and laptop are the true work place, social networks and projects the true work communities, clients and domain experts the true hierarchies… The times are ripe for extended enterprises, temporary organizations, autonomous corporations, shapeless and borderless networks. Do work communities still need organizations? Do firms still need managers or employees? What new agile, lean, learning, open organizations and spaces will we need to invent in order to work in the future?

Video filmed at Lift with Fing 2014 in Marseille

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