Oscar Jasklowski - How Crowdfunding Promotes Creativity in Research

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Oscar Jasklowski - How Crowdfunding Promotes Creativity in Research

As recently as three years ago, Oscar, who represents Experiment at Lift Basel, was making bone glue. You read that correctly - as a graduate student in the bioadhesives lab at the University of Utah, he was studying how and why things stick. He took a break from his studies for the opportunity to work at Experiment, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to showcasing and funding science research. While he’s on indefinite (but not permanent!) hiatus from the lab, his focus is on co-leading Experiment’s growth.

Because as a society, we are in a position to study, learn, and innovate more than ever before. Yet there is one major bottleneck: funding. Experiment, an open and democratic platform for funding science, is on a mission to change just that. Researchers from over 150 institutions and universities are using the San Francisco startup to fund important seed-stage research that would otherwise go unfunded.

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