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James Barlow has worked at Imperial College Business School since 2003, where he holds a Chair in Technology and Innovation Management in Healthcare. From 2006-2013 he led HaCIRIC, a major programme of research on the...

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Thomas is the co-founder and president of the nonprofit organization "La Paillasse" in Paris, one of the world's largest community laboratories, commonly called hackerspaces, that...
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Robert Riener is Full Professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich. His current research...

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Professor Hans-Florian Zeilhofer, born in 1952 in Freising (Germany), is an associate professor and since 2002 Head of the Department for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Hospital in Basel. Additionally, he...

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As recently as three years ago, Oscar, who represents Experiment at Lift Basel, was making bone glue. You read that correctly - as a graduate student in the bioadhesives lab at the University of Utah, he was studying how and...

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Sibylle Peuker is passionate about bringing a better user experience to healthcare – because she is convinced that good design can make people healthier, happier, and even save lives. Sibylle, a mathematician and computer...

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Peter Ohnemus is the founder of dacadoo, a startup combining mobile technologies, social networking, 
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Irene is a research scientist and bioengineer at ETH Zürich, where she works on building new solutions to the acute threat of complete microbial resistance to currently available antibiotics. She graduated as a biotechnology...
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Chas Bountra is a professor of translational medicine at the University of Oxford as well as Chief Scientist at the Structural Genomic Consortium, a public-private partnership that supports the discovery of new medicines...
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Mike feels that apps can create self awareness and lead to more collaborative and productive relationship between patients and doctors. Formerly a Creative Director at Frog Design and Fjord, two of the world’s most renowned...
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