Matthias Machacek - Systems Pharmacology with Small Data

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Matthias Machacek - Systems Pharmacology with Small Data

Matthias Machacek first studied mechanical engineering and graduated as PhD from ETH Zurich for his research on fluid dynamics and computer vision. He developed a visualization system for three-dimensional flows in wind tunnels, and his research applying computer vision to monitor molecules inside a live cell at nanometer scale was published in both Nature and Science.

Today, Machacek applies engineering approaches in drug development, working in systems pharmacology and doing modeling for the development of biologics and cell based therapeutics. He is Managing Director of LYO-X and contributes to research in compound design, optimal format selection, competitive candidate selection, PK/PD and toxicology study design, first in human dose selection, optimal dose-regimen finding and pediatric development.

Previously, Matthias established the Novartis Medical Engineering Group, dedicated to systems pharmacology support for the preclinical and translational development of biotherapeutics.

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