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Neil Goldsmith heads the Basel-based biotech innovator Evolva, a 21st century brewer developing/producing next-generation health, wellness, and nutrition ingredients from fermentation....
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Named by MIT Technology Review as one of the top innovators under 35, Xavier is  enlisting the trillions of bacteria that make up the human microbiome to play an essential new role. He is working on substituting the...
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Cécile Monteil is an entrepreneur and physician, who advocates for the beneficial use of new technologies applied to health and medicine while keeping the patient and doctor relationship at heart.

Cécile is a...

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Matthias Machacek first studied mechanical engineering and graduated as PhD from ETH Zurich for his research on fluid dynamics and computer vision. He developed...

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Julien Sportisse has spent the last eleven years analyzing healthcare organizations, their business models and strategies to cope with information technology, changing consumer behavior and large-scale emerging trends. Both in...
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CEO, Sociometric Solutions

Computers like numbers and there’s plenty of them around work: Presence, actions, movements, interactions, contacts, inputs, outputs, outcomes… Human Resource Management and Job Search rely...
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Gregory Katz is chaired professor of the ESSEC Chair of Therapeutic Innovation at ESSEC Business School (Paris-Singapore). He is also co-director of the ESSEC...
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Paradoxically, with pervasive digitalisation the “materialisation of the digital” becomes the focal point. Overall we are witnessing a “second digital age” of architecture, which originates in the interconnection of digital...
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Dan W is a software developer interested in how software shapes our culture. He makes things to playfully explore technology, such as determining the happiness of British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg using emotion...
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At the age of 9 Sean D. Goff was admitted to the advanced electronics workshop at "Jugend Elektronik- und Technikzentrum Regio Basel JETZ" as the youngest participant ever. With his project "The Freezer" (a fast ice...

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