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Sibylle Peuker is passionate about bringing a better user experience to healthcare – because she is convinced that good design can make people healthier, happier, and even save lives. Sibylle, a mathematician and computer...

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Mike feels that apps can create self awareness and lead to more collaborative and productive relationship between patients and doctors. Formerly a Creative Director at Frog Design and Fjord, two of the world’s most renowned...
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The Lift:Lab is a unique open innovation program designed to allow individuals and organizations to tackle business and societal challenges using collaborative innovation.

Through a curated program of inspiring talks,...

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Founder and director of, the happiest company in the world.

The borders of work communities no longer match those of firms. Office spaces tend to shrink while new, hybrid “third places” and coworking...
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Tech Anthropologist

The era of life-employment is over. Markets demand flexibility; Robots and software will automize most of our jobs; Individuals want and income, but they also want professional improvement, change,...
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Lift France, Marseille, 15 octobre 2013, "Eduquer Autrement !" : Pierre-Guy Hourquet, Directeur Recherche, Développement et Innovation au sein du groupe 
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Lift France, Marseille, 15 octobre 2013, "Occupy Industry!": Pierpaolo Andriani  (Kedge Business School) shares his views on how the "democratization" of digital fabrication transforms design and innovation.
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Lift France, Marseille, 15 octobre 2013, "Produire Autrement !" : Frédéric Bardeau, partage la vision findatrice de, "fabrique accélérée et rémunérée de développeurs web, prioritairement tournée...
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Lift France, Marseille, 15 octobre 2013, "Eduquer Autrement !" : Josiane Gain, Directrice des Relations Universitaires d'IBM France, propose un tour d'horizon mondial des Moocs et de l'impact des...
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Marie-Noéline est co fondatrice et co-CEO de nod-A, PME qui imagine et produit des dispositifs d’innovation collective et travaille à une nouvelle vision de la collaboration au sein des...
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